Since its inception five years ago by Ashok Kumar Jalan's visionary leadership, Tandhan Impex began its quest to tackle global challenges with sustainable solutions. Central to our ethos is a commitment to innovation and uncompromised quality. As a vital part of the Tandhan Group, known for its diverse range of high-quality products, Tandhan Impex has evolved as a key player in global exporting, connecting markets worldwide. Our story is one of pioneering change and fostering connections across continents. Join us in our journey of innovation and global impact.


Empowering nations by turning innovative ideas into practical solutions for power shortages, illuminating lives globally.


To set ideas in motion, fostering positive change and driving progress for a brighter future.

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Innovation Harnessing creative ideas for transformative impact.
Empowerment Elevating communities by addressing power challenges.
Progress Driving positive change for a sustainable future.

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Redefining global trade, we offer tailored solutions, an extensive worldwide network, and the latest in technology. Our strategic approach, focused on risk mitigation and continuous improvement, ensures we stay aligned with your business objectives. Experience efficient and innovative exporting, connecting you to the world.

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